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About Us:

Mission Statement:

Diversified Products Mfg. is committed to providing our customers with Specialized Metal Fabricated Products that enhance their profitability and ours, by meeting or exceeding their expectations for Quality, Delivery, Cost and Customer Service.

To accomplish this requires that:

  • We are dedicated to continuously improving our ability to manufacture and design products that meet or exceed our customers requirements.
  • We emphasize Quality, Productivity and Customer Service in all our efforts.
  • We recruit, train and maintain the most skilled and productive workforce possible by giving them the opportunity to excel and rewarding their accomplishments.

We, Diversified Products Mfg., are an AMERICAN Manufacturing Company, specializing in metal fabricated products.

We began in 1963 as a contract manufacturer of steel fabricated and machined products. The company initially designed and manufactured trailer components and soon became a leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of Commercial Towing Accessories. Since then we've expanded our proprietary product lines to Commercial Truck & Towing Accessories while also continuing as a specialty contract manufacturer.

Diversified Products Mfg. uses modern Computerized Production Manufacturing Equipment in all of its planning, scheduling, machining and fabrication processes including Robotic Pulsed-Mig Welding, CNC Hi-Definition Oxygen Plasma Cutting, CNC Machining, Computer-Aided Design/Drafting and MRPII. This commitment to advanced manufacturing processes has established the company as a high quality and highly dependable supplier for our customers.

The company's proprietary products include a huge range of Pushbumpers, Winch-Mount Pushbumpers, Self Loading Dollies, Tow Slings, Truck Bars and other Commercial Towing Accessories. They are available at leading Towing Equipment Distributors and as OEM equipment by all of the leading Tow Truck Manufacturers.

Diversified Products Mfg. also does contract manufacturing for a number of different companies. Current and recent customers include Norfolk Southern Railroad, CSX Railroad, BF Goodrich Aerospace, Jacksonville Electric Authority and Miller Industries.

The company's offices and manufacturing operations are based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Our key employees & management average more than 20 years each with Diversified, and even more than that in total experience in the manufacturing and sales of Commercial Truck and Towing Equipment. Their expertise and experience will insure that you receive the best possible products and service in selecting, installing and utilizing any of our products.

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An American Manufacturer of fabricated Commercial Truck and Towing Accessories since 1963... including: Pushbumpers, Winch Mount Pushbumpers, Self-Loading Wrecker Dollies, Tow Slings and Truck Tow Bars, Cable Tensioners, Roller Guides, Scotch Blocks, Cam Locks, Fold-Down Light Bar Brackets, Car Carrier Ramps, Go-Jak Brackets, Wrecker Dolly, Tow Dolly, Medium Duty Truck Bar, Fairlead, Cam-lock, Aluminum Ramps. Specially designed and manufactured for Incident Management and Emergency Response Vehicles including Tow Trucks, Road Service Trucks, Ambulances, Police Trucks, Fire Trucks, Bomb Squad Trucks, Swat Team Trucks and Homeland Security Trucks.