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Diversified Products Mfg.
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An American Manufacturer of fabricated Commercial Truck and Towing Accessories since 1963... including: Pushbumpers, Winch Mount Pushbumpers, Self-Loading Wrecker Dollies, Tow Slings and Truck Tow Bars, Cable Tensioners, Roller Guides, Scotch Blocks, Cam Locks, Fold-Down Light Bar Brackets, Car Carrier Ramps, Go-Jak Brackets, Wrecker Dolly, Tow Dolly, Medium Duty Truck Bar, Fairlead, Cam-lock, Aluminum Ramps. Specially designed and manufactured for Incident Management and Emergency Response Vehicles including Tow Trucks, Road Service Trucks, Ambulances, Police Trucks, Fire Trucks, Bomb Squad Trucks, Swat Team Trucks and Homeland Security Trucks.