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WD-5400 Series Self-Loading Dolly
A lot has been said about "light-weight" dollies, but removing steel from critical load-bearing components is not a practical method of building a product that can handle the shock loads and extreme road conditions encountered in commercial towing. The WD-5400 Series is designed for up to 4000 lb. Load Capacity (depending on tires) under REAL-WORLD towing conditions.
As the dolly is raised, the Step-Latch mechanism greatly reduces the chance of the operator being injured if their hands slip on the lift bar and the vehicle suddenly drops. Non-latching dollies are dangerous for even the biggest/strongest operators, but they are also extremely difficult to load for many other people.
All of our Spring Loaded Mechanisms are "Positive Action". When you latch the Handles or engage the Step Latch, the mechanisms snap into (or out of) position. The operator clearly knows when the mechanism is engaged (or disengaged) and does not accidentally have latches partially engaged.
Our Standard Adjustable Axles (Steel or Aluminum) use a "single skid-pad" design that also allows them to be compressed down to 51" for easy storage. The "single skid-pad" design handles virtually any towing application securely when properly used with Tie-Down Straps.

For those operators who prefer, we also offer "Dual skid-pad" Adjustable Axles in Steel or Aluminum. They compress down to 61" and still take less storage space than other designs.

Our Adjustable Axles extend out to 83" and use 5 locking towing positions for proper width adjustment on wider vehicles than other dollies.
T6061-T6 is an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. It's proper use for Dolly Axles requires caution. Welded sections of T6061-T6 can lose 80% of the alloys strength. Our skid pads are designed with a mechanically strengthening orientation. You'll notice there is no welded cross-section of tubing. That's the kind of weld that can easily fail in Dolly Applications. Most other brands are welded around the circumference of the square tubes. If not absolutely correctly heat-treated afterwards, those tubes will be weakened near the welded area and can fail there.
Our Axle tube positions move them under the tires to create more lift. The towed vehicle is raised higher off the road for increased clearance and better stability.
High-Precision CNC Machining of Spindle, Bushings, Pins etc. is all done in-house on our CNC Lathes and Mills. Robotic Pulsed-GMAW Welding of all Dolly components adds consistency, reliability and durability. Each Dolly Side is fully assembled and tested for proper Camber, Toe-in, Latch operations etc. All models are dip-painted with High-Quality Flat Black Acrylic Enamel Paint. Dipping each unit insures coverage of all interior surfaces.
We use only High Quality, American Made, Carlisle USA Trail Tires for durability and true rated-load capacities. The 4.80x8B tires used on the WD-5400 & WD-5400A have a true 2340 lbs. rated load capacity at highway speeds. The 5.70x8B tires used on the WD-5400L & WD-5400LA have a true 2860 lbs. rated load capacity at highway speeds. These capacities meet and exceed typical dolly applications, but Higher Rated Load Capacity tires (up to the WD-5400 series 4000 lb maximum) can be provided if needed. Just don't confuse Carlisle USA Trail ratings with typical cheap import tires.
We fully-pack the Wheel Bearings and all Bushings with Mobil XHP222 Grease. The Extra-High Performance Lithium Complex is the ultimate for severe operating conditions including water contamination, heavy shock loads, high-temperature operation and it has excellent rust/corrosion resistance and extends re-lubrication periods.
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The WD-5400 Dolly series is specified as the required Self-Loading Dolly in major Municipal Fleets.
Because of it's proven effectiveness, durability, versatility and operational safety,
it's the best Self-Loading Dolly available.

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