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TS-30 Series Tow Slings
3,500 lb. Lifting and 7,500 lb. Towing Capacity for the full range of Light Duty Towing capability. Expertly welded components of heavy steel plate and tubing insure durability and security while towing heavy loads. Our highly experienced staff, using proven production processes and state-of-the-art equipment, does all our steel fabrication work in-house. We even manufacture Slings & Truck Bars for the leading Tow Truck manufacturers.
While some states require G70 chains, it really makes no sense to attach them to lower grade hooks. For Full Rated Performance, you need G70 chains and G70 Chain Attachment points on the Tow Sling, which are standard on all TS-30/34 Series.
The Adjustable Arm's lock into 2 different Towing positions for easy hook-ups.
Load Rated Shackles attach the cable hooks to the Tow Bar securely. Slipping a cable eye hook through a steel plate is not the proper way to control a heavy load.
Only high quality, Load-Rated Rubber Belting is used on TS-30/34 Series Tow Slings. Did you know that sling belts that are cut across the width (horizontally) of a roll of belting are less than half the strength of those cut lengthwise (vertically)? We cut all our belts ourselves to insure full-load rated capacity.
No castings! Our 2-way hinges (knuckles) are fabricated from 1.25" solid Plate Steel. The Standard or Extra-Long Arms combined with our selection of Hinge and Pin sizes will adapt these Tow Slings to virtually any existing brackets, or you can purchase our Mounting Brackets separately.
High-Precision CNC Machining of Camlocks, Bushings, Pins etc. is all done in-house on our CNC Lathes and Mills. Robotic Pulsed-GMAW Welding of most components adds consistency, reliability and durability. All components are dip-painted to insure coverage of all interior surfaces.

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Special Note

We are the OEM of Tow Slings and Truck Bars for several leading Tow Truck Manufacturers.

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